Anything better than JBWELD?

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My SR Hates Me:
Well my oil catch can drain is loose ON THE ENGINE BLOCK. When i boost it sprays oil onto the turbo. I was thinking about using JB WELD but i says its good only to 600 degrees and it gets really hot under there so i thought i would post this and see if anyone knows of anything like JB WELD that can stand up to more heat.

The other option is to get a AN fitting and weld it on there. I would rather just get something like jb weld and put it on there.

any suggestions would help.....

I have used a product called DEVCON before, its like the very industrial version of JB WELD.  It was plastic steel... they have different types...

Old timers use it to repair iron engine blocks... fill it with the goooo, then machine, and go.

if its clean, this shit will hold anything

My SR Hates Me:
yeah my main worry is that it is right next to the turbo and the manifold.

It says the boiling point is > 500 degrees so it might work

You'll be alright. Ive used JB Weld on a turbo oil feed line on my old car. The line's treads cracked going into the turbo and began leaking oil everywhere, so untill the new line came I used JB weld as a band aid. It withstood the heat and high oil psi.

if you actually do go through, I don't suggest doing so, using JB-weld it has to be 100% perfectly dry, not a spec of oil.  JB weld will not adhere to anything with even a smudge of oil.

So, since you're cleaning it that well, you might as well spring for the couple bucks it might cost to weld an -AN fitting on there.


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